A peripatetic purveyor of multitudinous musical delights - her one-woman shows are replete with linguistic gymnastics, instrumental improvisations, and more mood elevators than a year's worth of your favorite pharmaceutical.
Derk Richardson, East Bay Express (California)

December, 2017 Review of Amy Denio: The Big Embrace on YouTube! Created by Dereck Higgins.
December, 2017 Review of Amy Denio: The Big Embrace in Doobeedoobeedoo.
June, 2015 Review of OU: SCRAMBLED! by Earshot Jazz.
Denio article in The Olympian, May 2015.
Denio interviewed about Kultur Shock in ARTIQ, Budapest Hungary. January 2014
Denio interview in Living Archive, November, 2011. By Don Campau.
Denio Feature in Sunday Seattle Times
April 2010. Written by Michael Upchurch

Tiptons Sax Quartet in Downbeat Magazine
March 2010 issue! Written by John Ephland.

Denio comes to Lincoln Nebraska, plays at Clawfoot House, speaks on music and social change at University of Nebraska at Lincoln, and, having planned on a Nebraskan steak dinner that Friday night, but instead finding herself in the gracious company of Vietnamese Buddhist monks, improvising music Linh Quang Buddhist Temple
March, 2010

Denio Interview in Don Campau's Living Archive
February 2010.

Denio Preview in Seattle Times
January, 2010. Written by Michael Upchurch

Interview with Denio in Seattle Woman magazine.
February, 2009. Written by Victoria Jacobs

Blurb on Denio in Making Flippy Floppy
May, 2006

A one-of-a-kind performer, this creative-music goddess with the four-octave vocal range mesmerizes as both a versatile composer of offbeat pop tunes, symphonic works, and dance soundtracks, and a one-woman orchestra playing guitar, bass, sax, and accordion. This consummate musician uses her skills to merge a crazy range of traditions - from groove-heavy jazz and funk to European folk and odd-metered rock -- into a surprisingly accessible style. She's released nearly two dozen albums in 11 years, creating a body of self-described "spoot music," which, she says, tries "to encourage empathy and active listening in all walks of life."
Sam Prestianni, San Francisco Weekly

Denio has established herself at the crossroads of jazz, experimentation, white funk, and rock. Not many musicians can even envision the kind of musical gamut Denio so offhandedly enjoys exploring, and even few do it with such gusto, humor, and wit. (Rock's 10 Smartest, strongest women)
Elizabeth Vincentelli, Request Magazine

Once your have heard her perform, adoration could turn to something stronger. On stage (she) doesn't sing, she emotes. She has a remarkable stillness, an otherworldliness from which emanates melodies quite unlike what you may have heard before.
Vinod Advani, Sunday Times of India (Bombay)

Those familiar with Denio's body of work will no doubt agree that her early insubordination to the conventional rules of music theory has yielded happy returns...(23) solo and group recordings that range from lush rock tapestries with supernal voicings to multilingual ethnic raveups, to texturally clamorous meanderings, to free-thinking jazz compositions and everything in between.
Thomas Peake, Westword (Denver, Colorado)

Denio is the Peppermint Patty we all knew as kids: smart, funny, able to make music from paper clips, rubber bands, and blades of grass.
Andew Jones, Option Magazine


Amy Denio - Greatest Hits
The "greatest hits" title is the usual joke, of course, 'cause Denio is a proudly independent fringe artist who will probably never crack the Top 40 - or even the Top 100. But she is also a very busy fringe artist, and much in demand, both as singer and musician, so this satisfying package is able to showcase her work with seven different groups, and as a solo artist. As the 19 pieces on Greatest Hits ultimately demonstrate, Denio is very difficult to categorize, but she always has something significant to say.
Bill Tilland - Alternative Press

Amy Denio has never really had any hits - this collection is actually a potent overview of her varied career thus far. She's a wide-ranging musical seeker. Her musical universe is a remarkable and completely honest melding of jazz, experimental rock, folk and assorted European traditions. Denio is adept and inventive as a singer and on each of her instruments; this is a testament to her core understanding of how to fully invest herself in the music at hand. Amy Denio's music is full of heart, character, sly smarts, wild abandon, tiny mirrors and carnival rides.
David Greenberger - Metroland

As always, her vocals are supreme and artfully woven into the fabric of the bright and challenging multi-instrumental music that she plays (guitar, accordion & saxophone, just to name a few)! If you've not heard Amy before, this is the perfect album to start with & if you have, this will be another adventure

Amy Denio "Birthing Chair Blues" (Knitting Factory USA)
Denio has a way with lilting melodies. These shoulder-swaying tunes begin to rock you. The music soars so far above and outside the avant garde that I hope it doesn't get stuck in that niche.
Roberta Penn, The Rocket (Seattle, WA)

Amy Denio "Tongues" (FOT/Ponk USA)
She sings with lonely passion - voice riffs that sound like some kind of pipe instrument - fine, spare explorations of melodic and lyrical grace.
Ted Fry, Seattle Weekly

Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet "Saxhouse" (Knitting Factory USA) "make it funky god" (Horn Hut USA) "Box" (New World Records USA) Ne Zhdali & BTMSQ "Pollo d'Oro" (NoMansLand Germany)
BTMSQ melds jazz, funk, punk, and world music sensibilities into a heady mix of sounds and grooves. Billboard Magazine World soul music. Ms. Magazine All members show an obvious jazz fluency - covering Sun Ra and Ornette Coleman, among others - but the BTMSQ also thrillingly manages African music, klezmer, Led Zepplin, and enough quirky, adventurous genre-splicing to do any alterna-snob proud.
Chris Norris, New York Magazine

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