*Current Projects*

*Touring Groups*

Ama Trio
Amy Denio + Correo Aereo (Madeleine Sosin & Abel Rocha)
Ama Trio’s music has been described as a ‘rarely yodeling, always scintillating latin american afro sephardic eastern european gypsy circus chamber band!’ The unique and resonate blend of these 3 talented musicians from diverse backgrounds creates sumptuous music with depth, nuance, complexity and playfulness that de-colonizes the mind and celebrates the solidarity of all peoples everywhere who love Life! Their music has sabor and is richly polyrhythmic and soulfully melodic - gorgeous, fiery, haunting and joyful...this is the universal language, world music at its finest.

Tiptons Sax Quartet
Founded in 1988, our all-women sax quartet and drums have released 11 CDs, including our ArtsLink-funded collaboration with Estonian punk folk band Ne Zhdali on the recording Pollo d'Oro, on No Man's Land (Berlin).

We have have collaborated with Pat Graney Dance Company, performing live on stage (and dancing!), have composed music for sax quartet and 3 city busses, and also created a multi-media performance with acclaimed artist Aric Mayer on projected video, and visual artist Danijel Zezelj painting live.
We tour and teach music workshops all around the world.

I was recently interviewed and the Tiptons' music was featured on Public Radio International's program Science Friday!
Our segment starts at minute 11:30.

Kultur Shock
Led by shamanic singer Gino Srdjan Jevdjevic, this is an incredible high-energy band, playing punk/metal Gypsy-core. I've sung and played alto sax, clarinet and accordion with them since 1999, except for a break in Italy. My first concert with them was on Halloween, aboard the S.S. Kalakala in Seattle, with guys dressed up in black ski masks and toy guns in the ramparts above... Since its inception 20 years ago, we've toured extensively throughout the US, Europe and the Balkans. I've recorded on FUCC The Ins, Kultura Diktatura, Integration, and Ministry of Kultur Tales of Grandpa Guru, Vol.1, IX, and our newest release, Live At Home, recorded in Sofia Bulgaria in March, 2015. Proceeds from this recording are going to a reputable NGO helping refugees trapped in the Balkans. Please share the love!
Here is our performance of 'God Is Busy, May I Help You?' at the EXIT Festival in Novi Sad, Srbija in July 2010.
We'll be playing festivals in Europe in July/August, 2016.

Denio Abouzied Duo
I love playing alto sax, bass and singing with electronics with the extremely talented and hilarious drummer Tarik Abouzied. Fun for the whole family!

Annie O'Neill
I play bass and sing with the soul singer Annie O'Neill ~ we are kindred spirits!

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Road-Ready and Looking for More Presentation!
Who's Hungry? - Santa Monica
A live toy theater performance based on oral histories of 5 food-insecure/homeless people surviving in Santa Monica...amazing stories...

I composed music for a lovely multi-instrumental trio, featuring Daniel Corral (accordion, toy piano and kick drum - at the same time!), Mike Flanagan (ukelele, toy piano, guitar) and myself (electric bass, clarinet, voice). The score ranges from my creation of a 60's sit-com soundtrack (& funny scene-ending buttons) to proto California Punk/Ska to haunting solo bass and voice.

It premiered and sold out (!) in late January, 2012 at Highways Performance Gallery in Santa Monica, CA ~ and Santa Monica TV did a 4 camera shoot, and we recorded the soundtrack, for better mobility. More on that soon!

Who's Hungry - Santa Monica was a collaboration between myself and producer/writer Dan Froot, puppeteer/choreographer/director Dan Hurlin, my wonderful multi-instrumental musicians Daniel Corral and Mike Flanagan and with puppeteers/movers Sheetal Ghandi, Rachel Lincoln, Zach Tolchinski and Darius Mannino.

*Public Art*

Sonic Bench
My pal Kaffe Matthews told me she'd been designing sonic furniture vibrated by electronic music, installing it all over the world. When I asked if she'd do one in Seattle, she suggested I do it, since she had no time. I wrote & received grants from The Seattle's Mayor's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs and from 4 Culture (King County WA).

At first I followed her design, a metal bench with all-weather speakers powered by a Mini Mac running the Max ESP program. Later I decided it should be off the grid, no electricity, no computing.
It's an all-weather 3-person metal bench which can be played like a thumb piano (by more than 3 people), the tines right where your hands would rest anyway, while sitting there.

I worked with maestro sculptor Kim David Hall to design, fabricate & install this stainless steel Sonic Bench at the Seattle Center for Winterfest 2009, on exhibit for one year.
Maestro Hall created an elegant design, and I helped out with the sonic details.

Here's a short video of our first day of collaboration.
It was installed at the Monorail station of the Seattle Center in 2010, and thanks to the Vashon Parks Department, has a perment home at Ober Park on Vashon Island.
It's beautifully embossed, and children of all ages love to play it.
Made possible in part by funds & fine folks from 4Culture, the Seattle Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Vashon Parks Department, and the fine cooperation of Pete Rush at the Seattle Center. Thank you, all y'all!

*Other Projects*

Since 2006, I've played in an accordion quartet called Hell's Bellows! It features Marchette DuBois, Scott Adams, and Eli Kaufman ~ we all play accordion, and sing too! We perform our own compositions and arrangements, and are often wearing red at Hell's Bellows! concerts.


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