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Thurs 30 Aug: End of Summer Sound Vespers @ The Chapel Performance Space, Seattle WA 8pm

Sat 1 Sept: Tiny Orchestral Moments III @ Ballard Homestead, 7pm
Sun 2 Sept: Correo Aereo + AD @ C&P Coffee House, West Seattle 3-5pm
Fri 7 Sept: Correo Aereo + AD @ The Tasting Room
Thurs 13 Sept: Correo Aereo + AD @ North City Bistro, Shoreline WA
Fri 14 Sept: AD solo accordion @ Accordion Noir Festival, Vancouver B.C.
Sun 16 Sept: AD joins The Fabulous Squirrels @ The High Dive, 2pm
Fri 21 Sept: Kultur Shock @ Crocodile Cafe, Seattle
Tues 25 Sept: The Tiptons Sax Quartet @ Royal Room, 8pm
Sun 30 Sept: AD solo / Thollem McDonas @ High Dive, Seattle

Weds 3 Oct: Artis the Spoonman Turns 70 @ The Neptune Theater
Thurs 4 Oct: AD with Olli Klomp's W Seattle Funk All Stars @ Parliament Tavern, Seattle
Weds 10 Oct: AD solo @ Earshot Jazz Fesival: The Chapel Performance Space, Seattle 8pm

2018 Highlights:
* Seattle Theater Group has commissioned me to compose the sound score for the German silent film Variete (1925). Premiere will be on Monday, February 4, 2019 at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.
* Kultur Shock toured the Balkans in June and July. Photos.
* In February/March I joined the Tiptons Sax Quartet for 18 concerts in 21 days, playing in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
* KINO LORBER film distributors commissioned me to compose the soundtrack for Grace Cunard's silent film 'The Daughter of the Law' (1921); it will be issued as part of a boxed set of DVDs in Fall, 2018.
* Kultur Shock collaborated with film maker Dima Levanchuk on new videos! Mirakula Fantastika and Refugee Song

2017 Highlights:
* Kultur Shock played at festivals in the Balkans during the summertime!
* Truth Is Up For Grabs Funded in part by 4Culture, I composed & presented a song cycle for 20-piece chamber orchestra, in collaboration with video artist James Drage at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle. One of my favorite evenings last year, the project fell together beautifully. In July the universe pulled out 8 compositions then the orchestra assembled itself. We rehearsed, and the premiere was a dream come true. Hoping to share it at Benaroya Hall...

* Thanks to Steve Ball, I enjoyed participating in 'Tiny Orchestral Moments' recording sessions in June and September and recorded Tim Root's amazing music with a stellar ensemble in October...mixes & more info coming soon!
* In June, a crew of 25+ people under the direction of Wilson Milam premiered the first act of The Nikola Tesla Projekt: The Light at On The Boards' Northwest New Works festival. Composed and written by Kultur Shock singer Srdjan 'Gino' Jevdjevic, it went splendidly. Performers included members of Kultur Shock, Dunava (Balkan women's choir), a brass band, Zeus, Prometheus, and the Tesla family, not to mention the village women, and the first sighting of Zeus encouraging young Thomas Edison... We'll keep you posted as we continue work on this beautiful piece!
* In March, The Tiptons Sax Quartet (1988-present) played 15 concerts in Austria, Germany, Italy and Sicily!
Check out our newest recording, COOKBOOK!
Check out my photos from these fun adventures.
* In September, 2016 Kultur Shock were the headlining group at the Nilufer Muzik Festivali in Bursa, Turkey.
* In July and August, 2016 Kultur Shock played 27 concerts throughout the Balkans, Italy and Spain.
Photos in July
Photos in August
* On 1 May, 2016 Kultur Shock released Tales of the Two Gurus: VOL 2, in collaboration with Bosnian rapper Edo Maajka:
**** SLOBODA (Freedom)
**** STAZA MANJINE (Path of the Minority)
* Produced 2 new recordings with The Tiptons Sax Quartet & Drums, recorded during our 15-concert tour of Europe in May, 2016!
* In March/April I enjoyed a 6-week sabbatical in Rome Italy, collaborating with OU, ED MONDO, and La Categoria dei Pesi Variabili!

* Elected to the Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame in 2015.
Thank you,
Earshot Jazz.
* Interviewed with Rafil Kroll Zaidi on Science Friday on International Public Radio 12/25/15. I'd composed a piece for the Tiptons Sax Quartet based on his words. My part of the interview is around 11 minutes.
* In Dec 2015 I recorded and produced ED MONDO, the fabulous Roman duo of Ersilia Prosperi and Diana Tejera.
* Enjoyed a 6-week Autumn 2015 sabbatical in Italia, teaching workshops, collaborating with OU & composing for and playing with Sonata Islands Kommandoh.
* Scored music for choreographer Pat Graney Dance's new piece 'GIRL GODS', Premiere 10/1-4/2015 at On The Boards, performances in Montclair NJ.
* In June I released my second production with the fabulous Sardinian/Roman sextet OU, SCRAMBLED!
* In May 2015 I produced 'Vocolalia', Elizabeth Lawrence's fabulous vocal CD, on my Amy Denio/Spoot Music Bandcamp site

* Survived 28 Concert February/March 2015 tour from Oslo to Ankara with Kultur Shock; our live CD Live At Home was recorded in Sofia Bulgaria. We're donating all proceeds to (well-vetted) aid organizations helping refugees blocked in the Balkans this winter.

* Playing bass with soul singer Annie O'Neill! We just made a video in her kitchen. Watch Poker Face

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The elves have been busy at my record label Spoot Music!

The jumping new CD by my beloved Sardinian/Italian sextet OU!
My most joyOUs production yet.
'OU...delights and surprises' ~ Earshot Jazz, June 2015
If you want to receive a copy for review or broadcast,
please contact me @ amydenio [at] gmail [dot] com.

Grazie mille al Team Spoot for helping me produce OU: SCRAMBLED!
Produced for Spoot Music in collaboration with Public Eyesore.

OU: Pisces Crisis, produced by Amy Denio.
Joyful world jazz folk anarchy!
I've devoted the last 18 months of my life to the musicks and development of Sardinian/Italian sextet OU.
I produced Pisces Crisis (Spoot Music) in late 2013.
Recorded & mixed with Floyd Reitsma at Litho Studios in Seattle
Mastered with Chris Hanszek
You can stream and download OU: Pisces Crisis on Bandcamp.
You can order physical copies or download Pisces Crisis on CDBaby here.
Check out OU's Facebook Site

Prodigal Light, Amy Denio's gorgeous new solo CD, produced Fall, 2013.
Produced by Denio with the participation of 23 colleagues and one dog.
You can stream and download Prodigal Light on Bandcamp here.
You can order physical copies or download Prodigal Light on CDBaby here.

Tiptons Sax Quartet: Tiny Lower Case
Recorded March, 2013 in Mantova, Italy during our European tour
in Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Slovenia.
With the exceptional participation of Italian singer Peppe Voltarelli
on 'Amara Terra Mia' and 'All Good Things'!
I contributed 7 of the 12 songs.
Also available on Sowiesound Records in Salzburg Austria.


I co-founded this adventurous and playful all-women sax quartet in 1988;
we've toured Europe and the US since 1993, and have released 11 recordings.

We have composed music for sax quartet and 3 METRO buses, have created several multi-media performances, collaborated with choreographer Pat Graney, with Croatian visual artist Danijel Zezelj, with an Austrian yodeling quintet 'Die Kiahmoche' (the Cow Milkers), and have taught music workshops all over the US and Europe, most recently with a choir in the Michaelbeuern Benedictine Abbey in Austria.

In March, 2016 we toured with West Coast with the excellent Tarik Abouzied on drums.
In May, 2016 we played 15 concerts in Europe with the delightful Robert Kainar on drums, recorded one CD (to be released in September, 2016) at the beautiful TEBES Studio in Salzburg; our concert with the 30-voice 'Stiftschor' from the Michaelbeuern Benedictine Abbey was recorded; stay tuned for a winter 2016 release, just in time for the holidays!

In January, 2015 we re-vamped our multi-media piece 'Mythunderstandings' with Salish Sea story teller and musician Paul 'Che oke ten' Wagner, touring the West Coast, teaching workshops, and playing fantastic concerts. Photos from W. Coast Tour.

In April/May 2015 we played 13 concerts in Europe, taught many workshops, and ate very well! See photos of Tiptons in Europe.

Stream & download Tiptons Sax Quartet recordings.

Our new single with Edo Maajka Tales of the Two Gurus: Volume 2 is available for free download!

We released Live At Home (2015) recorded live in Sofia; proceeds go directly to aid refugees trapped in the Balkans.
In February and March, 2015 we had a whirlwind 28-concert tour of Europe and the Balkans & Turkey, covering 15,000 km by van, taking a ferry on the North Sea, playing in Split on the Adriatic Sea, playing and taking time off in Varna BG on the Black Sea, playing in Thessaloniki on the Aegean Sea, and suffering only one flat tire the whole time. We started in Paris, got as far north as Oslo, as far south as Istanbul & Ankara, went up to the Black Sea, down to Greece, and finished in Copenhagen (during flu season).
Check out my photos on flickr.

Our 9th recording, IX (2014) was recorded by our hero Jack Endino in Seattle. I am very proud to have contributed my old song Slugs, which the band transformed into Bogu Dusu!

My first concert with Kultur Shock was for Halloween 1999 on the SS Kalakala on the north end of Lake Union; I walked on board, and suddenly I was in Eastern Europe again, those low dark accents everywhere, echoing off corroded surfaces. Turns out there are 40,000 Bosnians in Tukwila. From 1999 - 2004 I toured & recorded on FUCC the INS and Kultura Diktatura. I then lived in Italy, and rejoined my brothers in January, 2009, to record on Integration, Ministry of Kultur, Tales of Granpa Guru, Vol. 1, and IX. Since July, 2009 we've tucked in 12 tours throughout Europe and the Balkans, Russia and the US, encountering extraordinary people everywhere between London (UK) & Istanbul (TU), Copenhagen (DK) & Athens (GR), Nantes (F) and Perm (RU), mostly going by van. Many thanks to our stalwart soundmen & drivers, Saso Kotnik and Oggi Kiossovski, and the beautiful Ljubljana team (Minka, Nika, Anamarija) for their creative designs & vending talents ~ and everyone else along the way!

Listen to Kultur Shock on Band Camp!

We have solicited the generous collaboration of many film makers in the area to produce videos ~
Stop the Disco Directed by Chrispy Harrison & Motzo Bozic
Panic Directed by Krk Nordenstrom
Racist Song Directed by Adam Sekuler

In April, 2011, 2 reporters followed us around from Banja Luka Beograd, and then posted Kultur Shock Plays The Balkans in the New York Times.

Martin Jarmick shot & edited Tamni Vilajet.
Check out the hilarious Ministry of Kultur video!!!
(Music edited by Gino and myself, video by Krk Nordenstrom.)

Here's 'God Is Busy, May I Help You?' from our EXIT Festival concert in Novi Sad, Serbia (11 July, 2010):

Here's Balcchanalia, from our concert in Sofia, Bulgaria (1 December, 2009)

***** You can check out my tour photos on Flickr*****

After months of recording and transcribing oral histories, I created an incredible collaborative team to perform the work-in-progress presentation of 'Mythunderstandings' at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle in both 2013 and 2015. Many thanks to the Tiptons Sax Quartet, Paul 'Che oke ten' Wagner (narration & music), Adam Sekuler (video) and Lisa Halpern (direction & text, in collaboration with everyone).
"Mythunderstandings' was presented by Nonsequitur and funded in part by 4Culture. In January, 2015 we produced MYTHUNDERSTANDINGS at the Arcata Playhouse to great reviews!

I was commissioned by choreographer Christy Fisher to create a soundtrack for a multi-media exhibit featuring video and small sculptures at the Cancer Lifeline Seattle. The exhibit was up in December and January, and will likely be installed in other Cancer Lifeline locations.
'Keepsake' featured the results of workshops with participants of Christy's yoga class through Cancer Lifeline, in which they wrote, created small 'keepsake' boxes which they filled with images and photographs (later re-iterated by artist Kristen Tollefson), and in which they performed 'authentic movement', which was filmed by Ryan K. Adams.
I recorded Dean Moore playing his vast collection of gongs, and while mixing these incredible sounds, my cat came into my studio, rolled over, tucked in his paws and fell fast asleep. I took it as a compliment.
Listen to Keepsake Soundtrack (30 minutes)

Earlier this year I completed my commission to compose for 'Who's Hungry? - Santa Monica', after 2 years of very fruitful collaboration with writer Dan Froot and puppet maker/choreographer Dan Hurlin. We created a puppet show based on oral histories of 5 food-insecure/homeless people that Dan Froot got to know, working at SanMoShel. Portrayed as objects in delft china, a shadow puppet play with 2 giant pink TV sets (think 60's sit-com), toy cars & magic, etc, each character had a distinct uniqueness. I wrote music for a trio, myself on electric bass and clarinet, and with my wonderful multi-instrumental musicians
Daniel Corral on accordion, toy piano and kickdrum (simultaneously!) and Mike Flanagan on ukelele, toy piano, guitar and voice.
We recorded the soundtrack in late January; mixes are coming forth, soon.
Our puppeteers/movers were Sheetal Ghandi, Rachel Lincoln, Zach Tolchinski and Darius Mannino.
This commission was funded in part by generous grants from Meet The Composer and MetLife.

It premiered and sold out (!) in late January, 2012 at Highways Performance Gallery in Santa Monica, CA ~ and Santa Monica TV also did a 4 camera shoot. More on that soon!


Hell's Bellows! is an accordion quartet playing original compositions, featuring AD, Marchette DuBois, Scott Adams, Eli Kaufman

*Current Exhibits & Projects*

My colleague Kaffee Matthews encouraged me to seek funding & create a Seattle version of a Sonic Bench, and thus in February, 2008 I embarked on a long journey to create an interactive musical public bench.

I asked Kim David Hall (engineer, fabricator), to collaborate with me, and it turned out beautifully, made of shapely stainless steel, and including brass tines and drums as the
sound-making elements.

It was installed for one year at the Seattle Center until 1 December, 2010, and after a period of cleaning and rebuilding, is now installed in front of the Parks Department Building at Ober Park, on Vashon Island, WA. Thanks to support from 4Culture and the Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs.

Check out an initial video of The Making of The Bench. A final video is in progress...
Many thanks to the initial inspiration from Kaffe Matthews' music for bodies, and the help of Tom Flood, Monad Elohim, Andrea Wagner, Pete Rush (Seattle Center Productions), 4Culture, and Seattle Mayor's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs