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16 funky and fanciful new songs inspired by current & past events, produced by Seattle's avant-goddess. You'll hear Denio's sensuous voice, the myriad of instruments she loves to play, and the sounds of special guests.

(c&p 2015 Spoot Music / Public Eyesore)
Ou: Scrambled!
OU: SCRAMBLED! is Denio’s 2nd production of OU,
a lively Sardinian/Italian world music sextet based in Rome, Italy.
OU means ‘egg’ in Sardinian dialect.
This gorgeous collection of music blurs the bOUndaries between deep funk, world music, pop, jazz, ferocity, irony and tenderness.
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Tiptons Sax Quartet: Tiny Lower Case
(c&p 2014 Zipa! / Spoot / Sowiesound)
The Tiptons Sax Quartet: Tiny Lower Case
This historic all-women saxophone quartet plays a mix of ska, punk, funk, spoken word, rock mash-ups, anthems, songs of joy, noise bop, jazz and traditional Italian music.

OU: Pisces Crisis
(c&p 2014 Spoot Music)
Ou: Pisces crisis
Joyful world jazz folk anarchic music for Roman sextet composed with love by Sardinian composer Ersilia Prosperi.
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Amy Denio: Prodigal Light
(c&p 2014 Spoot Music)
Amy Denio: Prodigal Light
Beautiful multi-instrumental solo album featuring Denio's unique folk-infused compositions as well as sound collages, this time created with the participation of 23 friends and one dog.
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Kultur Shock: Tales of Granpa Guru: Volume 1
(c&p 2012 More Shock Records)
Kultur Shock: Tales of Granpa Guru, Vol.1
Balkan gypsy metal with a sense of humor, featuring Bosnian singer Gino Jevdjevic.

Amy Denio: Keepsake
(c&p 2012 Spoot Music)
A beautiful and meditative 45 minute soundtrack for a video installation at Seattle Cancer Lifeline. Gongs, whispers, and the sound of cancer survivors writing their names in a bowl of rice.

Kultur Shock: Ministry of Kultur
(c&p 2011 More Shock Records)
Kultur Shock: Ministry of Kultur
Balkan gypsy metal with a sense of humor, featuring Bosnian singer Gino Jevdjevic.

Tiptons Sax Quartet: Strange Flower
(c&p 2010 Zipa! / Spoot Music)
Tiptons Sax Quartet: Strange Flower
12 songs penned by each of the players, inspired by the lonely echo of train whistles at night, scientific findings on bees from Harper’s Magazine, and covering genres from micro-Big Band to Gospel, Bluegrass to Balkan, Whimsical Jazz to Nocturnal Funk.

Amy Denio: Tutto Bene (Canzoni sulla Fisa)
(c&p 2010 Spoot Music)
Amy Denio: Tutto Bene
Compilation of Denio's most moving pieces featuring the accordion. Solo compositions, as well as songs for Die Knödel, Ama Trio, Hell's Bellows!, (ec) Nudes, and FoMoFlo. It's a mixture of charm, versatility, originality, and humor - features that don't go hand in hand too often these days.
Goran Satler, Global Mix, KNTU, Austin, TX

Kultur Shock: Integration
(c&p 2009 More Shock Records)
Kultur Shock: Integration
Balkan gypsy metal with a sense of humor, featuring Bosnian singer Gino Jevdjevic.

Tiptons Sax Quartet: Laws of Motion
(c&p 2008 Zipa! / Spoot Music)
Tiptons Sax Quartet: Laws of Motion
Lively and beautifully produced, this work was recorded in Minneapolis in a single day off, while on tour. Featuring the excellent Chris Stromquist on drums

Tiptons Sax Quartet: Drive
(c&p 2006 Zipa! / Spoot Music)
Tiptons Sax Quartet & Drums: Drive
Recorded in Seattle during Hurricane Katrina, with Elizabeth Pupo Walker on percussion; with guest Artis the Spoon Man.

Derek Bailey/Amy Denio/Dennis Palmer: The Gospel Record (c&p 2005 Levi Recordings)
When the Shaking Ray Levis were but youngsters in the deepest Tennessee, they were allowed to watch Saturday morning TV only if they saw a particular religious program with music, hosted by a fabulous Chattanoogan preacher, his radical bouffant-hairstyled wife beaming at his side. The program featured the Stamps, the quartet famous for backing Elvis.
Years later, the Levis found a copy of the hymnal with all those fire-and-brimstone Old Testament-y festaments, and asked Denio to sing 'em. Derek Bailey added his guitar genius, and Dennis Palmer wove everything together with his finest finesse. One of the stranger things you might ever hear.

Tiptons Sax Quartet: Tsunami
(c&p 2004 Zipa! / Spoot Music)
The Tiptons: Tsunami
Dynamic and diverse, this all-women sax quartet with drums & electronics plays original, jazz, world and cartoon music.
Amy Denio: Tattoo
(c&p 2001 Unit Circle Rekkids)
Amy Denio: Unit Circle Soundtrack Series, Vol. 1: Tattoo
Soundtrack for Pat Graney Dance Company, deep dark and luscious.

Amy Denio & Petunia: To Lie Tenderly
(c&p 2001 Spoot Music)
Amy Denio & Petunia: To Lie Tenderly
Commissioned by David Dorfman Dance, and performed at Brooklyn Academy of Music, for Next Wave 2000 series.

The Danubians
(c&p 2000 Cuneiform Records)
Denio joined forces with Gabi Kenderesi (violin & voice) & Csaba Hajnoczy (guitar) of Kampec Dolores fame, and Czech drummer Pavel Fajt for this one. Lovely and noisy.

Amy Denio & Eyvind Kang: TASOGARE (Twilight)
(c&p 2001 Spoot Music / Public Eyesore)
Beautiful accordion tones and voice, Eyvind Kang on viola; soundtrack for Yoko Murao's dance piece, premiered a few weeks before 9/11...

The Science Group: a mere coincidence
(c&p 1999 ReR Megacorp), London, UK
Yugoslavian composer Stevan Tickmayer: piano, keyboards, zither, violin, guitar, samples - set text by Chris Cutler (drums & electronics), with the help of Fred Frith (guitar), Bob Drake (bass and vocals), Claudio Puntin (clarinet, b. cl.), and Amy sang. Very very dense stuff!

Amy Denio: Greatest Hits
(c&p 1998 Unit Circle Rekkids)
Amy Denio: Greatest Hits
19 luscious songs in collaboration with bands all over the world.

FoMoFlo: Slug And Firearms
(c&p 1996 God Mountain)
A true international collaboration between Hoppy Kamiyama (keyboards, noise violin, voice), Denio (bass, alto sax, voice), and Mighty John Henry: Dennis Gunn (guitar, voice), Tada Makio (drums), and Honda Tatsuya(bass).

(ec) Nudes: Vanishing Point
(c&p 1994 ReR Megacorp)
Improvisers Chris Cutler (drums, electronics, text), Wadi Gysi (guitars) and Denio (accordion, bass, sax, voice) came together to form a song band. Recorded in France & Ticino, mixed by the genius engineer Bob Drake.

Amy Denio: Tongues
(c&p 1994 Spoot Music)
Amy Denio: Tongues
This diverse recording reflects the beginning of Denio's fascination with foreign languages. Produced on her TASCAM 644 midi-cassette recorder. Tons of instruments.

Curlew with Amy Denio: A Beautiful Western Saddle
(c&p 1993 Cuneiform Records)
Denio's first vocal adventures with Curlew, featuring words written by poet Paul Haines. They premiered this body of work at New Music America 1990, and toured it on both US coasts. Tom Cora (cello), George Cartwright (sax), Davey Williams (el. guitar), Ann Rupel (bass), and Pippin Barnett (drums).
May Paul and Tom rest in peace!

Tone Dogs: Ankety Low Day
(c&p 1991 C/Z Records / Spoot Music)
Fred Chalenor had free recording studio time & invited me down to Newburg OR. We had fun preparing, and it was heaven in the studio. The Grammy Office left me a message asking for a copy (distribution was never that good), because ALD had been nominated as best new recording. I thought it was a joke phone message. Recorded under the magic hands of engineer Drew Canulette, with Matt Cameron, Fred Frith, Hans Reichel, Courtney von Drehle, and Bob Bain.
Also available in LP & cassette format.

Amy Denio: Birthing Chair Blues
(c&p 1991 Spoot Music)
Amy Denio: Birthing Chair Blues
Denio's first official CD, originally released on Knitting Factory. Produced on her TASCAM 644 midi-cassette recorder. Tons of instruments.
Amy Denio: Never Too Old To Pop A Hole
(c&p 1988 Spoot Music)
Amy Denio: Never Too Old To Pop A Hole
Listen to Denio's wizardry on a TASCAM 244 4-track cassette recorder!

Amy Denio: No Bones
(c&p 1986 Spoot Music)
Amy Denio: No Bones
A classic! Denio's first cassette release, with guests Craig Flory and Kate Johnston.
Kultur Shock
Kultur Shock is a Bosnian Gypsy-core band based in Seattle, with the fabulous line-up of Gino Jevdjevic (vocals, percussion), Val Kiossovski (guitar, vocals), Paris Hurley (violin, vocals), Guy Davis (bass, vocals), Chris Stromquist (drums, vocals), and myself (alto sax, clarinet and vocals). I played & toured in Kultur Shock from 1999-2004, (recording F.U.C.C. the INS and Kultura Diktatura

In Spring, 2009 I returned to the band. Since then we've been touring steadily in Europe and Eastern Europe, the US Northwest, Chicago and New York City steadily ~ and we have released Integration, Ministry of Kultur, and Tales of Granpa Guru, Volume 1.

We are currently working on our ninth recording, entitled 'IX'.

Here are a couple of Kultur Shock video links: The Rose (produced by our friend Krk Nordenstrom. I played clarinet, 12-string guitar & sang, and moved one of the shadow puppets, great fun!, and Balcchanalia: Kultur Shock Balkan Tour Summer 2009, I played sax on the song, and shot & edited this film while on tour in the Balkan countries in July, 2009.
Other musical appearances: Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti: Il Parto
c 2005 Storie di note, Italy
Remember Denio's song Salvatore? The very same Salvatore de Siena plays percussion and left-handed guitar in this band from Calabria, Italy. After 12 years they met again, and Denio was invited to lay down some tracks on this recording, and tour with them for 7 weeks the summer of 2006. On 'Il Parto' she sang, played tenor sax and clarinet. Italian folk pop, delightful. Check out 'L'imperatore.'

Lesli Dalaba: Timelines
c&p 2005 Tzadik Records
With Lesli Dalaba, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Carla Kihlstedt, and Amy Denio. A gorgeous and evocative sonic journey.